Älskande Par
a.k.a. Loving Couples


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(Sweden, 1964)

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Gio Petré
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Plot: (from B.L.F.)

In this drama directed by feminist filmmaker Mai Zetterling, and set in a Swedish hospital in 1915, the individual stories of three pregnant women about to give birth are presented. The women come from different social classes and have different views of the impending births.

The middle-class woman is in a loveless marriage with a servant of a wealthy family and she does not care much about her child, whom she conceived out of spite, and the child turns out to be stillborn. The second woman became wild and sexually irresponsible after she was seduced as a young woman by a much older man. Dividing her time between modeling and robbery, the woman ends up sleeping with the son of the family the middle-class woman's husband works for. The son is willing to support his bastard son provided the wild woman will marry his homosexual friend and pretend the child is his. She agrees.

The third woman (Gio Petré) is introverted. As a youth, she had a short-lived lesbian affair in school. She then fell in love with an archaeologist who impregnated her. He refuses to acknowledge the child as his. This enrages the woman who joins a feminist movement and dedicates her life to removing the stigma of having babies out of wedlock. Of the three, she is the only one who really wants her child. She is by far the happiest of the three as she and her lesbian lover Petra show affection towards each other and talk gushingly of "our child".