A mi madre le gustan las mujeres

a.k.a. My Mother Likes Women


Mainstream Movie

(Spain, 2002)

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Leonor Watling & Eliska Sirová
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Plot: (from FilmCritic)

Three sisters dote on their divorced mother (Rosa María Sardà), a concert pianist, but find themselves shocked when she turns up attached to a young Czech girl who speaks broken Spanish. After plenty of Woody Allen-style neurosis, the trio hatches a plan to break up mom and lover by finding a surrogate for the Czech's affections. Eventually this falls on the most troubled of the sisters, Elvira (Leonor Watling), and soon enough mom is single again. Alas, she's so depressed that she's lost her girlfriend that the sisters have a change of heart, travelling to the Czech Republic to convince the girl to go back to mom.