A Girl Thing


Mainstream Movie

(USA, 2001)

Average rating
Love scenes:4.5 
Movie overall:4.0 

Explicitness:  2

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Build-up  4 Kissing  4 Love scenes  5 Movie overall  4

Three short stories about women. The first deals with a womans insecurity about herself, the next involves three sisters who hate each other, the next is about a woman who askes another woman to seduce her husband. The last has to do with the psycologist have to deal with a crazy patient.

Kate Capshaw & Elle Macpherson

Their first kiss is after their date. Elle is trying to open her door but she is so nervous, she can't. You can tell she really wants to kiss Kate. Kate see's the trouble she's having and helps her open the door. Kate leans in slowly making sure she read Elle's signals right and kisses her. It's sweet.

Kate Capshaw & Elle Macpherson

The second occurs in Kate's apartment on her couch. They are talking and Kate slowly leans in kisses Elle. It starts out slow and sweet but quickly turns much more passionate. After they've been kissing for awhile, a long while, Kate pulls back and say's "I want to make love with you".

Kate Capshaw & Elle Macpherson

The third, THE LOVE SCENE, is just AMAZING. It's long, slow, passionate, and perfect. There are two postions shown. Kate is always one top. The other one is Kate is behind her Elle kissing her neck and caressing her body.

Kate Capshaw & Elle Macpherson

This scene starts after they have been dancing at a club. They are at Elle's apartment. It looks like they have just gotten back from the club. Kate slams Elle up against the door kissing her passionately like she couldn't wait any longer and then pulls Elle to the bedroom. The scene ends with them fully clothed and kissing on a bed, but we all know what they did after the scene faded out.

This movie was directed by a woman, her name escapes me but it is very clear that she put alot of effort into making it clear to the audience that Elle Macpherson's character and Kate Capshaw's character are in lust with each other. There's none of that coy will they or won't they nonsense. From the very beginning, you can sense that those women are going to sleep together.
What I love about this movie is that every love/kissing scene between the two is better than the one before. The movie pretty much sucks after the fourth scene.

Build-up  4 Kissing  4 Love scenes  4 Movie overall  4

It is one of the best NO porn movies with ff scenes and believe me i have seen a LOT ! The kissing scenes are really wild and very well performed. The plot of the first part of this film (the ff story) is also good enough. The two women really look to feel easy - at least - performing the ff scenes. I highly recommend this film for its first part. The other parts have not to do with ff relationships.