Just Friends?

Erotic Video

(USA, 2003)

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Love scenes:1.0 
Video overall:5.0 

Explicitness:  3

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Build-up  3 Kissing  5 Love scenes  1 Video overall  5

Corinna & Layla

The girls are coed roommates who are studying in the opening scene. Corinna tells Layla about the paper she's writing: personal fetishes for a human sexuality course. Corinna's fetishes: wet lingerie and making out with another girl. She convinces Layla to help her with her "research." They head to the shower together (after changing into something more revealing) and they're wet for the rest of the session.

These girls are very hot together, especially their luscious deep kisses and their wandering hands that grope each other and rub under panties. Even with their lingerie staying on them, they sizzle with X-rated sexual energy, highlighted by Layla's sweet and tempting little pleasure noises. You'll be like everyone else who has seen Layla, begging for more of her.