Sarah Michelle Gellar
US Actress

Nicole Kidman
Australian Actress

Internet Movie Database, November 20th, 2001:
Hollywood star Sarah Michelle Gellar has stunned fiance Freddie Prinze Jr. by revealing she'd leave him for Nicole Kidman. She has been dating Prinze since last year and the couple plan to wed soon. But Sarah - who won an MTV award for her lesbian kiss with Selma Blair in Cruel Intentions - claims she'd leave Freddie in a second if she ever got a chance with Nicole. Gellar explains, "I had to twist his [Freddie's] arm and leg to see Moulin Rouge! Although he enjoyed it once we were there. In fact, there was a moment during the evening when I swear I thought he was going to leave me for Nicole Kidman but then, who could blame him? I'd probably leave him for Nicole if she asked. She's hot!"