Eva Mendes
US Actress

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Eva Mendes can be seen in for example Urban Legends: Final Cut, where she plays the character Vanessa, who's a lesbian. Some of the other movies she has appeared in are Training Day, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Out of Time, and Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

Ask Men, 2004: (excerpt from article)

What was your experience like while filming the movie Urban Legends: Final Cut? Did you actually get scared at any point?
No, I didn't get scared, but I got excited. I had my first "girl on girl" screen kiss. Now that was fun.

Do you have anything in common with your character Vanessa?
Yes, we both have attitude, distinct style and love women.

How do you feel about on-screen sex? Are you looking forward to doing a love scene in the future?
On-screen love scenes are nerve-wracking! I've had to do those kinds of scenes with guys before and, honestly, it's uncomfortable. But doing them with girls is totally different. It's fun! It goes back to the play yard mentality: guys can be yucky, and girls are sweet, soft and smell good.