Bai Ling
Chinese Actress
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Chinese-born actress Bai Ling has come out as bisexual. Bai Ling, who served in China's People's Liberation Army when she was younger, can be seen in for example Anna and the King, Wild Wild West and the upcoming Star Wars: Episode III

New York Daily News, May 19th, 2004: (excerpt from article)

"It's funny," Bai Ling was telling us yesterday. "Somebody recently said to me, 'Are you bi?'"

The actress, who plays a lesbian New York fashion designer in Spike Lee's new movie She Hate Me, replied: "I'm Bai."
"Are you really bi?!" her questioner persisted.
"Yes, I'm really Bai!" she said.
Abbott and Costello would've loved the shtick. But, joking aside, Bai is bi.

"I love beautiful women. They're more subtle and caring," she tells us. "When you fall in love with a man or a woman you're lucky. Gender is not a problem for me. Since I've been in the United States, many women have approached me - I don't know why. I have a wild side. I've gone past my fear and have gone forward to feel and have experiences with women. But I always tell them I prefer men."

"I have a man whom I love now. I have a woman now that I have a close relationship with also."