Katharine Hepburn
US Actress
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In the Katharine Hepburn biography "Katharine the Great: A Lifetime of Secrets Revealed", written by Darwin Porter, it's said that Katharine had several romantic as well as sexual relationships with women.

Gay City News, Volume 3, 2004: (excerpt from book review)

Although Porter looks at Hepburn’s early childhood, the suicide of her brother Tom, her marriage to “Luddy,” Ludlow Ogden Smith, and her career, he focuses largely on the relationship between Hepburn and American Express heiress Laura Harding.

Katharine Hepburn & Linda Harding
The wealth of evidence he provides indicates Hepburn was indeed bisexual, or a "double-gater" as it was called then, and that she and Harding conducted a closeted, long-term relationship from 1928 until Harding's death in 1994, a relationship that overlapped with her seven-year "lavender marriage" to Luddy that began the same year.
After her marriage to Luddy, Hepburn moved to Hollywood and "continued to live quietly in the hills with Laura Harding (furthering speculation of a lesbian relationship)."
Hepburn was not much the marrying kind, reputed instead to be partial to 10-day, whirlwind relationships with her peers in the film industry. Among those Porter names are film editor Jane Loring, actresses Greta Garbo, Billie Burke, and Elissa Landi, and writer Suzanne Steele.