Samantha Fox &
Myra Stratton
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Former Page Three model and singer Samantha Fox came out as a lesbian in February 2003. She's currently in a relationship with Myra Stratton. Samantha said in an interview that she's very much in love with Myra and wants to spend the rest of her life with her. Below is an article from 2001 regarding the, at that time, rumored relationship. A friend of Samantha said back in 2001 that Samantha and Myra planned to get married on Hawaii in the summer of 2002 but this has as far as I know been postponed.

News of the World, Sept 4th, 2001:
PIN-UP legend Sam Fox has set up a lesbian lovenest after falling in love with her manager, Myra Stratton.
Sam, a fantasy figure to a generation of men, is so happy with Myra that she is even discussing a formal ceremony to cement the relationship.

She told one of her closest pals: "I'm bisexual and proud of it." The friend added: "Sam and Myra absolutely adore each other." Myra, a divorcee in her 40s, is also Sam's manager. The two women divide their time between two houses, one a 400,000 detached house in Chingford, Essex. This week they were inseparable as they drove around town in their BMW Z3. The pair live a quiet life enjoying meals with pals and long walks with their dog.

Sam's pal told the News of the World: "Its a million miles from all the drink and noise of Sam's showbiz lifestyle, but that's largely down to Myra. She's calmed Sam down and made her realise what the important things in life are. To be honest, Sam's never been so in love. She's had a lot of bad experiences with men but with Myra she's found a manager, a best friend and a lover all rolled into one. They're very much a couple."

Sam, now 35, amassed a 5million fortune from her time as a glamour girl then a pop star. She is also a born-again Christian but has never discussed her sexuality because she was always concerned about its effect on her career.

But now she plans to confess all in an eagerly-awaited autobiography. It is believed the book, planned for next year, will lift the lid on Sam's previous affairs with both men and women.

The pal added: "She's had an amazing life and the public only know the half of it. Lots of books are called 'sensational' but this one truly will be, mark my words. You won't be able to put it down."

A publishing source confirmed: "The book will be truly explosive. Myra has helped Sam come to terms with her sexuality and Sam now feels she has reached a point in her life when she can finally tell all. "The autobiography will be utterly frank and will include detail on her relationship with Myra as well as her flings with both sexes."

Sam now works doing personal appearances up and down the country. She has an enormous gay following.

Her pal said: "After so many difficult years she's finally happy with her life. Myra has been an amazing influence, both professionally and personally. They're a terrific team."