Louise Glover &
Leanne Carr
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Models Louise Glover and Leanne Carr have both had sex with two of the guys (Lee Ryan and Simon Webbe) in the boyband Blue. Luckily enough for Louise and Leanne, their respective encounter didn't lead to anything more. Instead, the two girls later on met each other on a photo shoot and have now become lovers.

News of the World, October 4th, 2004: (excerpt from article)
"Louise is my best friend as well as my lover"
Louise: "Leanne turns me on much more than Lee ever could. Being with her feels so right. She knows exactly how to touch me, talk to me and get me so excited. Our sex life is amazing and she treats me with respect. "

It was June when Leanne made her move on Louise when they were thrown together by work.
Leanne admitted: "I'd seen Louise's pictures and actually asked if we could set up a photo shoot together. When I saw her I really fancied her. After the session I laid my cards on the table and told her how I felt. Louise said she'd never gone further than kissing a girl before—and that was just to tease the men. So we took things slowly at first but have both fallen in love with each other.
Louise is much hotter in the bedroom than Simon was. She's amazing. There's no way we're even going to look at men now. When we first made love it was like something I've never experienced before. Louise is my best friend as well as my lover. Her skin is so soft and delicate. After we've made love we can snuggle in together just right.

Louise agreed. As the girls prepared to move into their new love nest in Islington, north London, next week, she added: "We hit it off straight away. Leanne's really pretty and I felt quite attracted to her. After we'd been out a few times I went back to her flat one night and we ended up in bed together.
It was totally different to being with a man, much slower and more sensual. Leanne spent a lot of time making sure I was satisfied.
Since then we've become really close. And I know Leanne won't dump on me like Lee did. She makes me feel good about myself.